The Amazing Kim Scott

image006Many years ago I was introduced to Scott Kim at a party and found him delightful and accessible, even though he possessed a creative brain that was light years beyond my own abilities. He wrote the book Inversions– a book of names (like “dance” shown here) that read the same right side up, in the mirror and upside down – an astonishing 30+ years ago, and it’s still fascinating.

More recently he collaborated with renowned neuroscientist Richard Restak, M.D. on
The Playful Brain: The Surprising Science of How Puzzles Improve Your Mind, the title of which describes the content perfectly. In between those two publications, and since, have been thousands of other puzzles. Scott, who has a PhD from Stanford, describes his puzzles as being “in the spirit of Tetris and M.C. Escher — visually stimulating, thought provoking, broadly appealing, and highly original.” Check out his website  to learn more.

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